The Rain

I found paper and a pen, stopped my motion and heard some inspiring music.  Next thing I knew my hand began scribbling and this is what came out.

I hear a faint sound of falling rain outside my closed window.  I dropped my pen and ran down four flights of stairs, blew through the front door and out into the rain.  The streets are clear of people.  Finally!  Finally!  A grin fills my face.

The quiet has reappeared and the peace can manifest all on its own.  With that chatter you put into the air I could not think.  With the threats you present I cannot move.  With your overbearing voice I cannot talk.

What was it that I thought, felt and heard? My untimed death in the very near future and the reaper coaxing me to walk down that path.  Coaxing me with promises of pleasure and security.  Somehow I was able to get my numb legs moving to leave and I am fortunate to have done so.

I have had to keep walking in this harmonious music of nature.  Nothing and no one will follow me in the rain.  No one can or will try to find me in the rain.  No one is there to hurt me in the rain.  I feel peace in my continual motion with the falling and soon to be river water kissing me on my head, hands and face.  Bring the flood and lets float away sooner than later.

I took one more step and tripped on a crack with this perfect rhythm.  Bashed my knee and elbow into the sidewalk.  I sat, pulled up my pant leg only to see another cut in my skin with accompanying blood spilling out.  I laugh and watch as the falling rain also washes the blood away.  I realized that I had spoke out of turn before I was called upon.