Green Division Projects is a DIY lifestyle brand overseen by Greg Lang and Tyler Lynch based in West Philly, PA.

Our name spontaneously came from Greg’s mind while on a road trip with some friends.  It was a thought that was used as a label to differentiate one group from another.  The color Green was involved based on the lifestyle of the time.  We have grown from those days into what we are now while still keeping the same principles about how we feel life is to be lived.  “Green” can represent a great many things as well as “Division” and the “Projects” we work on as friends and business partners.  Words are symbols for various things and we intend to use them that way.  However, in this context we get an opportunity to direct their meaning.

Based on that we are determined to remain “Free from Categories” and use this as a platform for our experiments in semiotics, various modes of transportation, music and design. We came from a 35 year skateboarding background and have come to find other interests as we have expanded as individuals to also enjoy bicycles, academics, music and art among other things.  Green Division Projects has become our way of expressing our interests and perspective of a brand to make products we use and enjoy.  We make the stuff we would buy if other people were making it.

We hope to inspire anyone to go skateboarding, ride a bike, make some art, design something, listen or make some music, sit around and think, read lots of books or go for a flaneur all while having fun.  Most of all we hope you enjoy Green Division Projects as much as we do.