The Scribe!

I am a scribe so this hits for me.  This is fresh off the new Album, “The Life and Death of Scenery.”

Mr. Lif!, L’Orange!, Akrobatic!, DJ Qbert!  Killing it!

The Rain

I found paper and a pen, stopped my motion and heard some inspiring music.  Next thing I knew my hand began scribbling and this is what came out.

I hear a faint sound of falling rain outside my closed window.  I dropped my pen and ran down four flights of stairs, blew through the front door and out into the rain.  The streets are clear of people.  Finally!  Finally!  A grin fills my face.

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Justifying Cycling

I am writing this as I am procrastinating from my real work on cycling.  I have been struggling with a creative block on that work and thought I would write this in hopes that it might pull me through that.  After sitting and staring at the computer for about 15 minutes I just opened up a new document and this is where I began.

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A Place to Begin, Again

I was blogging before the term was created. Back then I was writing a weekly, sometimes-daily column. It was published on a website of a skateboard sponsor I had called Movement Skateboards. We have long parted ways and all the writing I did back then sits in files in my computer. It was all a series of thoughts, stories, poems and ideas I was working through back then. Some of it made sense and some of it was purposefully bizarre. I wanted to find out how people would react to it. It was really fun and the best part was that people actually read it back then. That is one of the biggest differences I have now. No one is reading my writing because I am not sharing.

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